Best Alternatives to Google Analytics URL Builder

Here we evaluate several simple URL builders that you might be interested in

What is a Simple URL Builder?

This is how we define it. You type some values in a form, optionally click a button, and a URL is generated for you. They don't save any URL or UTM tags for future reuse.

The URL building process could consist of one or multiple steps.

Which URL Builder should you use?

There is no shortage of URL builders that promise to help you generate UTM codes. Most of them are a Google search away. Even this website has a UTM builder.

Even though you should have a robust system for building and managing your tracking URLs, sometimes a simple URL builder is all you need. But whatever you choose, make sure it passes UTM builder tests before you use it.

Evaluating URL Builders

Here are the results after testing a few builders using UTM builder tests. It's not possible to evaluate all the ones out there since there are just too many.

URL Builder Query Parameters Test Hash Fragment Test Combination Test Space Test
Google URL Builder
Our own UTM Builder
UTM Tag Builder
My UTM Builder
UTM Creator

Several of them have slightly different take. They might use dropdowns, questions, etc. to populate UTM values.

This article promised to help you find an alternative to Google Analytics URL Builder. This may seem like breaking the promise, but if you really need one of these, I would suggest just going with Google's URL builder.

If you need a system to manage your URL tracking, you could either go with a UTM spreadsheet or a dedicated UTM builder software.

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